Vision & Mission

All Matters relating to development of planning (including feasibility study), implementation, monitoring and evaluation of construction of bridges of 1500m or over, toll road, flyover, expressway, causeway, link road etc.
Undertake steps to secure required funds both from external and internal sources for the implementation of such plan.
Take all necessary steps to enter into agreements with various agencies for securing funds for the implementation of the bridge projects and other projects Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge subject to the approval of the Government.
Enter in to Contracts/agreements with contractors and consultant as approved by the Government for the execution of different components of such projects.
Operation and maintenance of the Multipurpose Bridges and other projects and allow other agencies like Bangladesh Railway, GTCL, PDB and T &T Board, mobiles operator etc. to operate and maintain their facilities located within the designated area and enter into contracts with concerned agencies including private concerns for these purposes.
Determined and collect toll for various classes of traffic using the Multipurpose Bridges, Toll Roads etc.
Take steps to secure and control development within the designated area an and controlled zones at the entry and exit terminal ends of the Multipurpose Bridges.
Employ and use traffic officers and other officials to enforce the by-laws, collect tolls and carry out such duties as the Division may consider necessary to discharge its functions.
Appointment, promotion , and administration of all officers and staffs in NNS grade 10-20.
Liaison with International Organisations and matters relating to treaties and agreements with other countries and world bodies relating to subjects allotted to this Division.
All laws on subjects allotted to this Division.
Inquiries and Statistics on any of the allotted to the Division.
Fees and tolls in respect of any of the subjects allotted to this Division except fees taken in courts.
Secretariat administration including financial matters
Administration and control of subordinate offices and organizations under this Division.
Matters relating to Bangladesh Bridge Authority.

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